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Teacher portfolios (chapter 14 activities)

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Create an e-portfolio of your work during your teacher education program.  E-portfolios serve to not only to foster your own reflection of your work in a program, but they also provide information about you to potential employers, who can simply go to your site listed on your resume or letter of introduction.  Since you may be using your e-portfolio as part of your job search, it is important that it be easy to access and navigate.  It should also provide relevant information related to your credentials, work experience, and beliefs about teaching English/language arts.

Review the suggestions for creating an e-portfolio in the chapter and chapter links.  Study some sample e-portfolios in the links or the following:


Aram Kabodian: eighth-grade language arts teacher at a suburban middle school


Becky Left: English teacher at a suburban high school



Nicole Lerg: sixth- and seventh-grade language arts teacher at a suburban middle school


Find some documents to include that reflect different aspects of your work: course papers, units, lessons, philosophy statements, resume, student work, evaluation of your work, etc.  Then, organize your documents into categories that will serve as a basis for your website layout and links between documents.  Then, create a website (some states provide free e-portfolio templates for use in seeking employment).  Provides links to different documents on your site.  Share your site with some peers to obtain feedback and make any necessary further revisions.


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