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Shakespeare Online


You can Stream Shakespeare Plays Online from London's Globe Theatre


PBS Activity Packs: Shakespeare activities


Cable in the Classroom: Shakespeare: Subject to Change: Lots of resources


Folger Library: Teaching activities and resources


Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project


7 Quirky Ways Students Learn Shakespeare


Hamlet movie page


Kill Shakespeare online comic


Massive List of Phrases that Shakespeare Created that We Still Use Today


Blog: Shakespeare Geek


How Did Shakespeare Originally Sound?


Podcast: Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theater


Videotapes of scenes from the plays


Romeo + Juliet film


Studies in Shakespeare


Unlocking Shakespeare's Language: Help for the Teacher and Student: See sample chapter


Shakespeare Magazine


EdSitement: Teaching A Midsummer Night's Dream: Conflict Resolution and Happy Endings


Skaksper: The Global Internet Conference


Shakespeare High


ReadWriteThink: Constructing New Understanding through Choral Reading of Shakespeare


Shakespeare Illustrated [descriptions of illustrations employed with the plays]


Photos of Shakespeare play performances


PBS: In Search of Shakespeare - Shakespeare in the Classroom


PBS: In Search of Shakespeare - Teaching Shakespeare with Technology


PBS: The Shakespeare Mystery: Who Was He? [authorship issue]


PBS: Much Ado About Nothing [authorship issue]


The Interactive Shakespeare Project


Shakespeare Help [resources for various plays]


About Shakespeare


Triangulating Shakespear [lots of perspectives on teaching Shakespeare]


About.com search: "Shakespeare"


Shakespeare Essays, Articles, and Book Excerpts


Shakespeare and His Critics


ShakespeareNet [resources]


Shakespeare Resource Center


Electronic Shakespeare Resources


Shakespeare Homework Helper


Teachers First: Teaching Shakespeare


Sher’s Shakespeare Index


Interactive Shakespeare Project


Absolute Shakespeare


Literary Resources - Renaissance


The English Renaissance


The Shakespeare Web


Shakespeare Illustrated


Shakespeare Theme Page


King Lear @ Web English Teacher


Macbeth @ Web English Teacher


Romeo and Juliet @ Web English Teacher


Shakespeare @ Web English Teacher


Hamlet @ Web English Teacher


The Shakespeare Corner


Hamlet-The Royal Shakespeare Company Guide


King Lear-The Royal Shakespeare Company Guide


Romeo and Juliet Resources


Surfing with the Bard-Macbeth


ERIC Digest Dramatic Activities in Language Arts Classrooms: Resource Summary


Drama For Those Who Do Not Like Or Understand Drama


The Family on Stage: Creative Play Production in the Classroom


Research in Drama Education


Teachit's English Teaching Resources: Drama Studies


Drama Resource @ Web English Teacher


All the Classroom's a Stage!


Children's Theatre/Creative Drama


Drama in Education Site


Dramatic Storytelling in the English Classroom


Engaging Critical Reader Response to Literature Through Process Drama


Justin's Drama and Theatre Links


Reader’s Theatre @ Web English Teacher


Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature


Molly Schned and Jane Dolan explore Hamlet via Web2.0 tool enhanced analysis and performance


David Weinberger: Go See Twelfth Night: Argues that students show play, not just study Shakespeare


Production of Romeo & Juliet at the Globe Theater


Shakespeare on the Internet


TeachersFirst Shakespeare Page


Hamlet Homepage


SCORE Cyberguides: Hamlet [Bell High School]


SCORE Cyberguides: Julius Caesar


Shakespeare Illustrated: Art work/paintings of the era


Shakespeare: Subject to Change: alternations in the plays

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