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Directories of blogs


2015 Honor Roll: EdTech's Must Read K-12 IT Blogs


Blogs.com: Best blogs of any kind


Blogs for and by teachers


Christina Laun: 50-Must-Read Up and Coming Blogs by Teachers


Blogs kept by members of the Comparative Media Studies program, MIT


Middle school teachers' blogs


Blogical Minds: reflections on 5th graders' use of blogging



Individual teachers' blogs related to teaching English


That's the Signpost Up Ahead.  Your Next Stop...  The Teaching Zone.  - Rick Filipkowski


So You Want to Teach: Blog for preservice teachers


CCCC: Conversations on Diversity


Larry Ferlazzo: Websites of the Day for teaching English, ESL


Jeffrey Hill: Then English Blog


Mike Rose


Stephen Downes


Emmet Rosenfeld's Eduholic


Article on Emmet Rosenfeld's blog, Eduholic, for Teacher Magazine


Dawn Hogue


Vance Stevens


Lalitha Vssudevan: Adolescent Literacies


John Blake: teaching science


Dan Cohen: Digital Humanities: Professors Start your Blogs


Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher)


Will Richardson: Weblogg-ed: The Read-Write web in the classroom


David Warlick: 2 cents worth




A History Teacher


CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion: Harvard Law School


Tim O’Reilly


Andrew Lih


Infinite Thinking


Chris Sloan


Christopher Sessions


But She's a Girl




Mary Beth Mattthews: Street Smarts: working in an inner-city school




Anne Beaton (referred to in Chapter 6)


Arapahoe High School: TheFischBowl


Alexander Hayes


Chip Scanlan: Why I Blog


English Literature 12


CultureCat: Rhetoric and Feminism


The E-Learning Queen




Weblogg-ed News




Technology & Learning


David Jakes




Beth Knittle: Beth's Thoughts on Technology


Ann Davis: Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs


Lawrence Lessig (copyright issues)


Joe Gratz (media)


Chuck Tyron (media)






The Goddess of YA Literature


Susan Sedro: Adventures in Educational Blogging


Lots of teacher blogs


Little Miss Teacher


Mike Arnzen: Pedablogue


Huff English


Stephen Downes


Robert Banning


Ewan McIntosh


Eric MacKnight


Quentin D’Souza



Professional development organizations' blogs


Conference on English Education


College Composition and Communication


NCTE Literacy Education Updates


Effective Teaching, Quality Instruction and Professional Development


ExploratoryLearner - The Real Deihl


Learning in a Flat World




myLearning blog/podcast from Sydney


Not Your Average Teacher


Portable PD: elementary classroom technology use


The Eighth Floor


Blogs on young adult literature




Becky's Book Reviews


YA Author's Cafe


OMS Book Blog


Emily Reads




The Goddess of YA Literature


Jen Robinson's Book Page



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