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Classroom / School Wikis


Lisa Holton provides access to deaf and hearing impaired individuals via a Wiki filled with home-made video tutorials (in ASL) and additional links describing:
1.) WHAT type of Web2.0 tools are available for educators,
2.) WHY they should consider using them to teach writing, and
3.) HOW to go about setting up and implementing some of these tools

Mrs. Huff’s English classroom wikis


Digital Citizenship wiki


Molly Melton's 12th grade AP Literature class wiki


Scott Wertsch's 10th grade book club wiki


Wiki for studying literary characters


Darin Hausberger's math wiki


Clarence Fisher: Studying Societies (middle-school social studies)


Mr. Pollitt's classroom


M. C. Morgan: Dayblog: course on blogs/wikis


High School Online Collaborative Writing


Westwood Schools: Wikispace wiki




Room 15: An elementary school wiki


St. Francis Xavier School


Village Elementary School Polar Regions Project


Wikia: School wikis


Using Wikis as Course Syllabi


Peter Kittle, Chico State University: English education methods courses


Epocha Wiki: Penn State University


Physiology 101, Fall, 2006


Professional Development Wikis




Troy Hicks: 2009 NCTE Presentation: What's the Matter with Wikis


Steve Hardagon: Educational Networking wiki


Will Richardson's Weblogged links on a wiki


EdTech Wiki: lots of information on technology tools


Ed Tech Wiki, University of Geneva


Beth Knittle: wiki resource site


The Reflective Teacher wiki


National Writing Project Wikis


South Central Kansas Writing Project


Project Write: Red Cedar Writing Project


Library and Author Wikis


Library wikis


Librarian Chick


National / Regional Wikis for Sharing Information


Your Archives: British-based wiki for public sharing of information

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