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7 How Do I Encourage Students to Respond to Literature Through Multiple Critical Perspectives

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 2 years, 4 months ago
  • Chapter 7  Links 
    • Multicultural literature
    • Harry's handouts for applying lenses to To Kill a Mockingbird 
    • Glossaries on literary theory / criticism
    • General descriptions of a range of different literary theories / criticisms
    • Summaries of different literary theories / criticism 
    • Reader-response criticism
    • Archetypal / myth criticism
    • Formalist / structuralist / genre criticism
    • Psychological / psychoanalytic criticism
    • Biographical criticism
    • New Historicism
    • Cultural-studies / anthropological criticism
    • Social class / Marxist criticism
    • Feminist criticism / Queer Theory
    • Deconstruction
    • Poststructuralism
    • Postmodernism
    • Semiotic criticism
    • Critical Discourse Analysis
    • Dialogic / Bakhtin criticism
    • Postcolonial criticism 
    • Critical race perspectives 
  • Chapter 7  Activities
    • Activities from Critical Encounters in Secondary English
    • Critical curriculum design / integration
    • Activities regarding specific critical lenses
    • Applying critical lenses to literature, media, film / television, social issues  
  • Chapter 7  Further reading





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